Easter in Amorgos

Given that Amorgos is an interesting destination throughout the year, in Easter it becomes a magical place. Every visitor can only experience the devoutness of Easter in Amorgos and initiate himself to numerous customs, many of which have been preserved since the Byzantine period. Passers-by will smell the sage and the oregano spread on village streets where the Epitaph passes through and their heady scent as they are stepping on. You will feel part of a rite when wandering in all the straits of Chora and Katapola, where hundreds of improvised fires are set up in small utensils.

On the morning of Saturday, you will taste “lazarakia”, human-shaped cookies baked in homemade ovens and in the evening of the Resurrection the sky will be filled with various patterns and colors from the fireworks thrown by the younger villagers. After the Mass on Saturday night, all the traditional Amorgian treats will be served on the island’s Easter table; a unique experience that will end with Resurrection and Sunday Lamb. In the afternoon, you may feel again a child for a while, by participating in the games organized by the young people of the island in the courtyards of the churches in Langada and Tholaria and you will watch the burning of Judas in Kato Meria. Later, you will experience the moving and top Easter tradition during the procession of icons of the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa. And on Sunday evening you will join the crowd in Chora, singing, dancing and celebrating. Live the triumph of life over death and the triumph of spring over winter on the island, whose beauty was carved by the hand of the greatest artist, time.

Easter in Amorgos is unforggetable!


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