How to go to Amorgos and the Lesser Cyclades

How to go to Amorgos

Transfer to Amorgos is easy, by ferries departing from Piraeus Port.  From April the 1st until June the 23rd, “Blue Star Naxos” departs daily from the Piraeus Port at 17:30 and 9 to 10 hours later it arrives, depending on the day, either at the port of Katapola or at the port of Aigiali.

During the summer season, June the 24th – September the 4th, “Blue Star Naxos” route becomes daily (Tuesday – Thursday – Sunday), departing at 06:45 from Piraeus and arriving at 15:10 at the port of Katapola. During the same period, “Blue Star Patmos” departs from Piraeus Port at 17:30 for the port of Aigiali (Monday – Wednesday – Thursday – Saturday). Also, every Saturday night, “Superfast XII” departs from Piraeus Port at 23:55 and arrives at Katapola at 05:05 (the journey takes 5 hours only). During the summer season, from mid-June to late September, “High Speed” ​​and “SeaJets” are added to the daily routes. By these means, the journey takes only 6 to 7 hours, depending on the stops.

In the same period, Amorgos is also connected with the Dodecanese, once a week via “Superfast” XII. Connection with Astypalaia is conducted by “Blue Star” ferries. Connection with Amorgos and the Lesser Cyclades is conducted by air through Santorini, Naxos, Paros or Mykonos airports and from there through local ship routes. There are frequent routes of “Express Skopelitis”, based in the port of Katapola, which connects Amorgos with the Lesser Cyclades on a daily basis.



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