Kato Meria

Kamari – Vroutsi – Arkesini – Kolofana – Kalotaritissa

To reach Kato Meria, one of the most beautiful Amorgos villages, you must leave Chora back and follow the road that crosses Amorgos like a snake. Before arriving at your destination, you meet Aghios Georgios Valsamitis, the historic monastery which deserves a visit.

As soon as you arrive at Kato Meria, you will see an area full of various plantations, domestic animals and a beautiful, peaceful landscape that immediately makes you forget about the problems of everyday life.

On the side of the hill facing the entire plain is located Kamari. It is 12km from Chora and the main occupation of the inhabitants is fishing, agriculture and livestock. Vroutsi village is next, while Arkesini village of is about 15km away from Chora. The houses here are built on the slope of Mount Korakas, a white mountain with a view to Kampos of Kato Meria. The church of Aghios Onoufrios is one of the most important buildings of the village. Arkesini was one of the three ancient cities of Amorgos. There are plenty of shops in the village that can meet the demands of tourists. After Ancient Arkesini is Kolofana with its sparse houses and elegant courtyards. Kalotaritissa, the sheltered harbor with the sandy beach, is the crown jewel of Kato Meria.

The reference point for Kato Meria is Aghia Paraskevi. Here, the place is sacred to all the inhabitants of Amorgos and the Lesser Cyclades. Every year, for her grace, there is a big feast with more than 2,000 people and plenty of patatato for everyone! Near the church there are guest rooms and there is also a kitchen, a storage room and dining rooms.

Kato Meria is one of the most beautiful villages in Amorgos and especially for those who love tranquility and natural life. Very interesting is also sightseeing in Kato Meria.


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